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We genuinely care about supporting the business growth of our clients in all aspects of their IT operations and services.
Our philosophy is based on traditional values. We want our clients to become successful and to make the most of their resources and investments while reducing the costs associated with maintaining and running their businesses.

By combining strategic business analysis with data intelligence and innovative technologies we help organizations make well-informed decisions and realistic plans. We work closely with our clients on the implementations of their objectives transforming them into effective solutions that result in achieving the desired goals.

Sustaining and Building New IT Businesses and Digital Brands

Any type of business can strongly benefit from the IT expertise and digital services offered by our company.
EDCG mainly focuses on improving, enhancing and managing the client's digital assets and IT processes. The scope of our work is not limited to rendering advisory and consulting engagements only. By analyzing perspective business models we also invest in various start-up IT companies and large-scale web projects. We tend to form long-term strategic partnerships with our selected clients and thus contribute to creating stable and growing enterprises.

Analyzing, Planning

Performing extensive analysis, examining the complete digital spectrum of our clients' businesses and creating strategic and integrated solutions for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Realization, Review

Designing & implementing the digital architectures and structures needed for facilitation of all the principles, footprints and key factors incorporated in the companies' objectives and visions.

Managing Assets

Driving and managing diverse IT operations, activities and services and taking them to the next level. Supporting digital enterprise development, building successful digital brands and businesses.

Increased Brand Recognition

Digital transformation, catering to the changing industry needs.

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Digital Technology

We use the latest technologies, tools and frameworks to design customized solutions and to achieve your development goals.

Some of our technical areas and expertise include:

  • Computing and programming
  • Digital media and management
  • Data and database administration
  • IT systems and networks architecture
  • Creation of digital products and electronic publishing‎
  • Enterprise digital solutions. Laying electronic and data intelligence foundations.
    Designed with cyber security in mind. Improving digital literacy and efficiency.

  • Investing in talents and skills. Managing project teams and work in line with client expectations.
    Enterprise development through innovative technologies and partnership cooperation.

  • Developing information era applications and products.
    Expanding internet utilization. Bulding new digital brands.

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