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Company Overview

EDCG is represented by professionals in the various fields: IT sector, business management, marketing and enterprise development.

A bit (not digital) about us.
Our team core is composed of committed and passionate individuals. By way of introduction we are a group of experienced IT and business analysts, software engineers, programmers, editors, data and marketing specialists. All representing a skilled workforce ready to take on any challenge.
We mostly work directly at our client's locations or sometimes even remotely to accommodate the projects' needs and budgets.


The company was created back in 2008 by peers of sophisticated IT and business specialists as a private consulting business.
The initial projects were simple jobs, fast-track assignments for small businesses and individuals.
A real EDCG formation began in 2012 with more complex tasks and more resources involved. We started to bring in more work and thus more of our own people and contractors. Despite the young age of our company we are equipped with decades of experience in information systems, data technology and business development.

Fields of Interest

Besides our standard consulting services we invest in promising digital enterprises and strategic business partnerships.

  • Established digital businesses and brands
  • Digital media focused on technology, health or finance
  • Data mining and data management projects
  • SAS business analytics, technologies and optimization
  • Maintenance of custom built computer systems and networks

Need any advice or fresh insights?

If you have any technical questions or you think we might be interested in details of your project, please feel free to let us know.

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We specialize in confidential undertakings or projects that require independent third party involvement.

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