Overview of EDCG Projects

Selected samples of our previous engagements.

Due to the nature of our projects and agreements we do not disclose the names of our clients.
Nevertheless the descriptions of our work samples below should give you a good understanding of our achievements and accomplishments.

The spectrum of areas that demonstrates our experience and capabilities:

Extensive Data Processing and Data Mining for an Oil Drilling company.
Performed a well log data conversion and transformation for the company’s new branch with operational SAP system. Legacy system data backup, new database mapping and data records reconciliation before and after the system conversion. Resolved the errors and invalid entries created in the new production environment.


IT Engagement for a Cloud Computing Solutions firm.
Work related to their cloud servers infrastructure, network and security policies. Assisted with setting up the cloud architecture, web servers, software applications, databases, security and control processes and rules. Launched a redundant multiple-tier cloud file hosting service with scalable server array framework. Built the cloud platform for their future SaaS (Software as a Service) enterprise.


Enterprise Reservation System and Apps Development.
Co-created a customized service reservation portal and developed interconnected mobile applications. Web portal was designed using PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap frameworks; the mobile apps were coded in Objective C and C# languages. Established the key features like date and time availability, type of service, pricing, promo offers, centralized admin panel, etc. In our web programming we also used HTML5, CSS, Javascript for the front-end development.


Financial Stock Market Analysis, Tracking and Forecasting.
Quantitative stock and index market analysis performed on historical and present data, including the fundamental business essentials like assets, liabilities, earnings and a set of unanticipated factors as defined by our client. Utilized MS Excel for complex in depth data analysis with MS Access database for data retrieval and storage. Developed customized in-house applications that were able to retrieve, store, process and produce variable outputs based on pre-entered values and parameters.


Digital Marketing, SEO and Campaigns Management.
Our latest successfully targeted area in our portfolio of services and solutions. Established and maintained multiple digital marketing campaigns across selected media channels like PPC, email & content marketing, banner advertising and social media. Applied our innovative data evaluation approach and technology for marketing automation. Achieved significant advertising cost reductions while increasing the overall revenues and profits.

Business Areas Involvement

Some of the industry areas covered by our work:

  • Energy sector, oil & gas
  • Communications and media companies
  • Information technology and web development firms
  • Financial and accounting institutions
  • Stock markets and investments
  • Insurance companies and agents
  • Health care and wellness organizations
  • Real estate and commercial properties
  • Retail and wholesale markets
  • Travel and transportation

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